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UNIBO at the XVII EAAE Congress

We’re thrilled to share the latest from our participation in the XVII EAAE Congress where BioValue organized a captivating session titled “Connecting Society via Biodiverse Agrifood Systems.”

During this session, the University of Bologna took center stage and delivered a thought-provoking presentation on “Agro-biodiversity oriented food systems: Exploring the potential of the lentils value chain in Italy.”

What makes this presentation truly remarkable is the in-depth exploration of the lentils value chain, considering not only its economic dimensions but also its profound impact on biodiversity, socio-cultural aspects, policy dynamics, and pricing strategies.

Our dedicated partners examined the viewpoints of farmers, retailers, and processors, shedding light on their roles in fostering a more sustainable, resilient, and diverse agrifood system.

These discussions are not just academic; they’re catalysts for change. They’re shaping the future of agriculture by bringing together minds from various sectors, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity, and reimagining how we connect society through our food systems.

Stay tuned for more updates from this inspiring congress as we continue to chart a path towards a more sustainable, diverse and green agrifood system.


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