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The Agri-Food Policy and CAP course

During the week of the 3-9 of June 2022, our coordinator, prof. Kostadinos Mattas, organized a weekly policy seminar about “Agri-food policy and the EU´s common agricultural policy” at the premises of our partner MAICH- Chania. The seminar offered an excellent opportunity for CIHEAM students to understand their future mission in society, particularly in designing effective agro-policies. Around 70 postgraduates students attended either in person or online.

The seminar included a selection of distinguished professors with academic and practical expertise in agri-food policy and the European CAP. They shared their experiences, thoughts, and most recent trends and updates about various related topics.

One particular lecture was devoted to the BioValue project policy impacts entitled: “Agri-food policy and the CAP: Applications in EU-funded projects- The case of BioValue”.

In addition, prof. Mattas, was interviews by the local media.

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