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A Review of Guiding Tools on Agri-Food Value Chain Modelling
Salali H.Ece - Akyuz Yarkın - Atakan Pelin - Gunden Cihat - Yercan Murat
A Key Study Review on Agrifood Value Chain Analysis
Akyüz Yarkın - Salalı H. Ece - Atakan Pelin - Günden Cihat - Yercan Murat - Lamprinakis Lambros - Karstad Signe - Halland Hilde - Solovieva Irina -
Kasperczyk Nadja - Lazaridou Dimitra - Yener Gizem - Alayidi Ahmed -
Kunchulia Ilia - Basilidze Lado - Knez Maria
Biodiversity in Agri-Food Value Chains: comparative studies in three countries
Lamprinakis Lampros - Malorgio Giulio - Mulazzani Luca - Schaer Burkhard - Tisseyre Cyril
Modelling crop diversity in Italian lentils’ value chain: exploring the potential of the Agent-based model approach
Verza Marta - Camanzi Luca - Malorgio Giulio - Mulazzani Luca
Factors influencing farmers’ decisions on crop diversity: literature review and implications for industrialized and high-income countries
Solovyeva Irina - Viira Ants Hannes - Kasperczyk Nadja - Xoplaki Elena
Consumption patterns for healthy and environmentally friendly food choices: An overview of contemporary issues
Lazaridou Dimitra - Mattas Konstadinos - Tsakiridou Efthimia -Yercan Murat
Crop diversity and value chains: a systematic literature review
Viira Ants-Hannes - Aro Kersti - Ariva Jelena - Lillemets Jüri - Solovyeva Irina - Aleksandrova Olha
Ecosystem services and dis-services related to endemic species cultivation in Crete
Platis Dimitrios - Bantis Filippos - Papoui Eleni - Koukounaras Athanasios - Mamolos Andreas
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