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Publication: Minor crops as catalysts for sustainable development

At BioValue, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and advancing agrobiodiversity across the agrifood value chain. Our mission includes to nurture and safeguard minor crops as a means of achieving regional sustainable development, preserving biodiversity, and ensuring food security.

Minor crops play a crucial role in addressing pressing environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, desertification, and soil salinity. Despite covering less than 4% of total agricultural land, these crops hold immense potential for driving economic growth and environmental resilience, particularly in marginal, mountainous, and insular regions.

Through our rigorous research and strategic partnerships, BioValue explored the economic and environmental impact of minor crops, highlighting their profitability and environmental friendliness compared to mainstream counterparts. Our work extended beyond academia, actively engaging with policymakers, agricultural practitioners, and local communities to promote the cultivation and preservation of minor crops.

Our recent scientific paper, ” Unveiling the hidden gems: Minor crops as catalysts for sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, and economic resilience,” showcases the transformative potential of minor crops like blackcurrant, rice, and sunflower in promoting sustainable agriculture and regional economic growth. By analyzing the economic and environmental benefits of these crops across different rural territories, we demonstrated their capacity to support livelihoods while conserving and enhancing agricultural land.

Watch our related video on YouTube to get more insights: https://youtu.be/5TDE96kq-QM?si=Q9qIx2aI6gyyNyIl

Together, we can create a future where agriculture is not only productive and profitable but also environmentally sustainable and socially equitable.


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