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Pretesting Turkish and Estonian buckwheat genotypes

Exciting progress within the BioValue Project! The dedicated research team from Ege University has embarked on a crucial phase of the project by initiating the pre-testing of Estonian and Turkish buckwheat genotypes. This significant step aims to evaluate and assess the performance of these specific cultivars under Mediterranean conditions.

Two remarkable Turkish cultivars, namely Aktaş and Güneş, along with a promising buckwheat population from Estonia, have been carefully selected for this pre-test. The successful cultivation of these genotypes in the Mediterranean region demonstrates their adaptability and resilience.

The research team is diligently collecting data and closely monitoring the growth, development, and overall performance of these buckwheat genotypes. The pre-test results, which will encompass valuable insights and observations, will be made available to the BioValue community and interested stakeholders in the near future.

Stay tuned for further updates on this significant milestone as we uncover valuable findings that contribute to the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices and the exploration of new possibilities within the BioValue Project.

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