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Curious to Explore Our Research Results

At BioValue, we are excited to share the early fruits of our research efforts with you. Our commitment to addressing complex challenges in the agri-food sector has produced valuable insights, and we’re pleased to make these findings accessible to all who share our passion for sustainable solutions.

On our website, you’ll find our precious of knowledge collected to far that reflects the dedication and collaborative spirit of our team. These public deliverables offer a glimpse into our research endeavors, covering a diverse array of topics including:

  • Agro-Food Value Chain: Gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of the agro-food value chain, a vital component of global food systems.
  • Agent-Based Modelling Tools: Explore our literature review on the innovative tools with the capabilities to model and analyse complex agro-economic systems, offering fresh perspectives for the future.
  • Biodiversity: Learn about our research on biodiversity, a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture and a source of inspiration for our efforts.
  • Guidelines on the Distribution of Underutilized Crops: Dive into our guidelines, designed to promote the use of underutilized crops for a more diverse and resilient food system.

And that’s just the beginning! As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable and biodiverse agrifood system, we invite you to explore these resources, share in our findings, and join us in the pursuit of positive change.

Find them under: https://www.biovalue-project.eu/public-deliverables/

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