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Consumer & Societal Level

(#WP5, #WP9)

Agri-food value chains comprise of a network of heterogeneous agents working together in different processes and activities to deliver products and services to the market and satisfy consumers’ demands. Therefore, consumers play a vital role for the BioValue research aims. Enhancing the consumer-producer link is a critical aspect of the BioValue approach, as a cornerstone that is based on consumers’ preferences for genetically diverse food dishes and processed foods. Novel dish recipes and processed food products will be extensively tested using an international customer base (#WP5).

Furthermore, the development of a new labelling scheme characterizing the traditional, biodiverse and eco-friendly final products and/or the ingredients of final dishes could support their existence in the market and strengthen producer-consumer links (#WP9).

Accordingly, we are expecting at the consumer and societal level, through the development of novel dish recipes and processed food products that meet consumer needs and preferences in terms of nutritional value and demands for nutritional, healthy, environmentally friendly, and diversified products with a local/regional identity, to actually change their nutritional habits and create awareness.

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