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Four Horizon 2020 Projects are joining forces to increase agrobiodiversity across the whole agrifood value chain!
DIVINFOOD - Co-constructing interactive short and mid-tier food chains
to value grobiodiversity in healthy plant-based food

The overall objective of this multi-actor, participatory project is to facilitate the use and increase the value of Neglected and Underutilised Crops (NUCs) in food chains to foster healthier diets and more sustainable food systems. To achieve this, research and innovation will focus on interactive short and mid-tier value chains that can meet the growing consumer demand for:
1) healthy plant-based food;
2) products with a local/regional identity, and
3) diverse services and benefits received from agriculture and food.

DIVINFOOD will study legumes and minor cereals in three geographical regions that face various climatic hazards for European agriculture and diverse socio-economic challenges to developing agrobiodiversity-rich value chains.

CROPDIVA - Climate Resillient Orphan croPs
for increased DIVersity in Agriculture

CROPDIVA will reinforce agrobiodiversity in European agricultural cropping systems on different levels and along distinct geographic and socio-economic areas resulting in resilient food and feed production systems that deliver safe and healthy food and feed products as well as innovative non-food products for European consumers. To realise the project objectives CROPDIVA will focus on
1) the promotion of six underutilised crops: oats, triticale, hull-less barley, narrow-leafed lupin, buckwheat and faba bean in various cropping systems and
2) on the creation of new value chains based on these selected underutilised crops.

RADIANT - ReAlising DynamIc vAlue chaiNs for underuTilised crops

RADIANT is a European project that adopts a ‘Theory of Change’ approach aiming at promoting crop diversification, environmental and agrobiodiversity preservation, and fair economic development through the valorization of Underutilized Crops. RADIANT is a multi-actor consortium composed of researchers, farmers, value chain actors and consumers. The mission is to release the full value of underutilised and genetically diverse crops to make them more competitive and to support EU strategies for sustainable agri-food chains and to contribute to foster synergies between agricultural production, biodiversity, and the delivery of ecosystem services of local, regional and global relevance.


BioValue at the Kick-off Meeting of CROPDIVA


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