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BioValue Workshop: Enhancing Biodiversity at the farm

We’re thrilled to share highlights from an enriching workshop held by Confagricoltura during the Cibus fair in Parma on May 9th. The event, titled “Enhancing Biodiversity at the farm,” brought together professors from the University of Bologna and showcased exemplary practices from a local lentil farm.

Workshop Overview:

Date & Time: May 9th, 3:45 PM – 4:30 PM

Location: Cibus Fair, Parma


Prof. Silvio Salvi

Role: President, Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics; Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies, University of Bologna

Topic: Genetic Improvement and Selection Program

Prof. Luca Mulazzani

Role: Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies, University of Bologna

Topic: Economic Research and Reconstruction of the Food Value Chain

Key Discussions:

Genetic Improvement and Selection Program:

Prof. Silvio Salvi enlightened attendees on the advancements in genetic research and the importance of selective breeding in enhancing biodiversity within agricultural practices. His insights shed light on how innovation at the genetic level can contribute to sustainable farming methods.

Economic Research and Value Chain Reconstruction:

Prof. Luca Mulazzani delved into economic research strategies aimed at reconstructing the food value chain. By examining economic factors and market dynamics, his presentation underscored the significance of a holistic approach to agricultural sustainability.

Showcasing Best Practices:

The workshop concluded with a compelling presentation from a lentil farm based in Parma, which exemplified exemplary practices implemented at the company level. Through real-world examples, attendees gained valuable insights into practical applications of biodiversity enhancement in agriculture.


The workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of biodiversity enhancement strategies in the agricultural sector. We extend our gratitude to the University of Bologna professors and the lentil farm representatives for their invaluable contributions.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the BioValue Project as we continue to explore innovative approaches towards sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation.

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