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BioValue in SURFBIO Industrial Workshop

BioValue participated today in the Industrial workshop of the SURFBIO project. Our coordinator was invited as a key speaker in order to introduce our project under the food application block of the event.

The SURFBIO and GREENER H2020 projects are organising the Week of Miccrobial Technologies, which is held in the premises of the JOZEF STEFAN INSTITUTE (JSI), LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, on 7-11 NOVEMBER 2022. The event is focused on several fields around surface and colloid biology, biotechnology, environmental protection and bioremediation technologies.

One of the objectives of the five-day summit is to serve as scientific and educational forum around the cell-surface interactions topic, with involvement in different research areas, and with part of the focus put on computational biology

We had the opportunity discuss about the loss of agrobiodiversity and the impact it has on human health, the soil, and the environment. In this frame, our coordinator presented the BioValue approach which proposes to start on the demand side: The consumers. We are examining how the incorporation of underutilized crops into the diet habits of every-day consumers can have an effect on the transformation of the agrifood industry and value chains by offering a wider range of crops and by-products.

Have a look at the BioValue crops here.

We are happy for this opportunity and thank the SURFBIO project for the invitation.

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