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BIOVALUE GA Meeting and 182 EAAE Seminar

This week BIOVALUE is very busy!

We had our annual meeting on the 12th and 13th of September which resulted into very fruitful discussions and dialogues among the partners for strengthening the collaborations and joint efforts ensuring a smooth operation of the project.

Furthermore, CUT, EGE, AUTH, EMU and CONFAGRICULTURA who are involved in the execution of our pilot cases distributed the BIOVALUE crops between them:

We also had the opportunity to meet with our sister projects RADIANT, CROPDIVA and DIVINFOOD getting to know each other and share the objectives and methodologies in the frame of open science and knowledge sharing for maximizing the impact of our projects!

The highlight of the week is our participation in in the 182 EAAE Seminar where we are happy to present our first results to a broad audience of experts, stakeholders and other researchers eager to receive feedback and start conversations on our approach and methodologies. It is exciting to see how many people are engaged to tackle the issue of biodiversity among the whole agrifood value chain in order to ensure a sustainable and healthy agricultural sector!

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