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BioValue Exploitation and IPR Workshop!

Our partner AXIA Innovation successfully hosted a comprehensive workshop on exploitation and intellectual property rights (IPR) on on the 16th of April 2024. This session aimed to equip the consortium with a common understanding of effectively leveraging research findings and implementing IPR management strategies to safeguard our valuable outcomes.

During the workshop, Ms. Maria Naranjo from AXIA Innovation provided expert guidance on key concepts, including:

  • Defining exploitation and crafting effective exploitation plans.
  • Exploring various options for protecting intellectual property.
  • Establishing the connection between these elements and BioValue’s key results.

This invaluable knowledge will be instrumental in further refining the exploitation plan for each BioValue result, ultimately generating positive impacts for society, the environment, and the underutilized crops market.

We are excited to continue this impactful project and will provide regular updates on our progress. Stay tuned as we strive to make a lasting difference through our research endeavors.

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