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BioValue at the XVII EAAE Congress in Rennes

We are pleased to announce that BioValue is going to actively participated in the XVII EAAE Congress in Rennes via an organized paper session with our sister projects!

This year’s congress, themed “Agri-food systems in a changing world: Connecting science and society,” provides a perfect platform for us to showcase our research endeavors and exchange insights with like-minded experts.

BioValue, in collaboration with our esteemed sister projects, will be hosting an organized paper session that promises to be a focal point of this prestigious event. With a profound commitment to advancing the knowledge and application of agro-biodiversity in modern agri-food systems, we have curated an engaging program comprising four insightful sessions:

  1. “From Fork to Farm Biodiverse Agrifood Systems” – Join us as renowned experts Mattas K., Chiffoleau Y., Haesaert G., and Vasconelos M. delve into the intriguing intricacies of biodiverse agrifood systems, exploring their significance from both consumer and producer perspectives.
  2. “Reversing the Trend of Agrobiodiversity Decline by Co-developing Short Food Chains” – Delve into the collective efforts of Chiffoleau Y., Desclaux D., Loconto A., and an assembly of distinguished minds, as they address the critical concern of agrobiodiversity decline and propose innovative strategies for its reversal through collaborative short food chains.
  3. “Agro-Biodiversity Based Food Systems: Exploring the Potential of the Lentils Value Chain in Italy”Verza M., Camanzi L., Malorgio G., Rota C., Mulazzani L., and Mattas K. will take us on a journey through the lentils value chain in Italy, unraveling the hidden potential and benefits of agro-biodiversity-based food systems.
  4. “Mixed Intercropping of Grain Legumes with Small Grain Cereals: A Sustainable Source of European-Grown Plant-Based Diets for Cattle” – An international team led by Zustovi R., Verlinden G., Gislum R., and Vogelgsang S. will present groundbreaking research on the integration of grain legumes and small grain cereals, showcasing its potential as a sustainable source of cattle feed within European agriculture.

Mark your calendars for the 30th of August, when our organized session will take place from 13:45 pm to 15:15 pm at the Congress in Rennes, France. This exclusive opportunity will enable us to engage with fellow researchers, agricultural scientists, and enthusiasts in fruitful discussions, exchange insightful feedback, and foster constructive dialogues on the pivotal role of agro-biodiversity in shaping robust agrifood systems and value chains.

As advocates for sustainable and resilient agri-food practices, we eagerly await the chance to showcase our research, learn from the community, and collectively contribute to the ongoing transformation of our agricultural landscape. Join us as we explore the exciting intersection of science, society, and agri-food systems at the XVII EAAE Congress in Rennes. Together, we can pave the way for a more interconnected and sustainable future.

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