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BioValue at the EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetable International Conference

We’re excited to share that BioValue recently took part in the EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetable International Conference 2023, held at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. This conference was part of a series organized by the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA) and brought together researchers, practitioners, administrators, professionals, and organizations from the field.

The event provided an excellent platform for scientists, practical plant breeders, and professionals to engage in meaningful discussions. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest research and developments in leafy vegetable quality, covering genetic resources, breeding, production, and postharvest handling. The conference aimed to address both general and specific challenges in plant breeding and genetic research while also looking ahead to future innovations.

During the conference, Professor Athanasios Koukounaras from AUTH presented the findings from WP7, focusing on the factors influencing the agronomic performance of the underutilized leafy green Sonchus olereacus L. This case study is a part of the BioValue project.

Overall, the conference fostered the exchange of specialized knowledge and methodologies, promoting international cooperation, facilitating the transfer of knowledge, and advancing scientific and technical collaboration in the field of plant breeding to support its ongoing progress.


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