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BIOVALUE at the 182nd EAAE Seminar

BioValue will actively participate at the 182nd EAAE Seminar- Sustainability via biodiverse agri-food value chains which will take place on the 14th – 15th of September 2022 at Chania, Greece.

The partners collaborating in WP2- “Assessment of the current framework of agri-food value chain tool” have submitted four different abstracts based on the scope and objectives of WP2. These include:

  1. “Why have certain crops become neglected and underutilized species?”- by CAPNUTRA team
  2. “A Review of Guiding Tools on Agri-food Value Chain Modelling”- by EGE team
  3. “A Case Study Review on Agri-Food Value Chain Analysis”- by EGE team with WP2.1 partners (NIBIO, AUTH, JLU, MAICH, GFA, CAPNUTRA)
  4. “A subject on Biodiversity and Value Chain”- by EMU team

Find more info under: http://182eaae.maich.gr/en/abstracts

If you are interested in participating as well, you can still submit your abstract until the 10th of July!

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