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BioValue at AGROTICA Fair 2024

On the 3rd of February 2024, the AGROTICA fair, the largest agro fair in the Balkan area, became the stage for a passionate presentation by Prof. K. Mattas. Our coordinator was invited to share the results of the BIOVALUE project in front of an audience of approximately 300 attendees. Among them were key stakeholders from the agriculture, regional governance, machinery, and food sectors, including regional governors, farmers associations, and trade representatives.

Showcasing Innovation in Agriculture

Prof. K. Mattas took the opportunity to shed light on the significant strides made by the BIOVALUE project and highlighted the importance of farmers and their role in the agrifood value chain.

Diverse Participation, Collective Impact

The diverse audience, consisting of influential figures from various sectors, contributed to a rich and dynamic discussion. Regional governors, farmers associations, and trade representatives were among those present, underscoring the broad impact and relevance of the BIOVALUE project across different segments of the industry.

A Platform for Collaboration

The AGROTICA fair provided a great platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The speech served as a catalyst for discussions, fostering connections between stakeholders who play pivotal roles in the agriculture, regional governance, machinery, and food sectors.

Looking Forward

As the BIOVALUE project continues to make waves in agricultural innovation, the collaborative spirit sparked at the AGROTICA fair is poised to translate into tangible advancements for our project and its impact.

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