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BioValue and its relevance to COP28!

“Our mission is clear – to unravel the intricate relationship between what’s on our plate and the state of our climate.” – Prof. Mattas, coordinator of the BioValue Project.

Crucial Messages from our extensive research:

  • Diversity on Your Plate, Health for the Planet: Eating a diverse range of foods not only improves your health but also contributes to the restoration of agrobiodiversity.
  • Cultivate Climate-Friendly Crops: Let’s bring climate-friendly crops to cultivation, reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Small changes can make a big difference!
  • Retrofitting Food Supply Chains: It’s time to revolutionize our food supply chains. By reducing waste and emissions, we create a more resilient and sustainable system
  • Delicious Climate-Friendly Food: We believe that climate-friendly food can be delicious! Explore our website for inspiration with delicious recipes!

Discover More: https://www.biovalue-project.eu/novel-food-recipes/

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