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BioValue 1st Review Meeting

We are excited to share the success of BioValue’s first review meeting with the European Commission’s expert team. This milestone marked the completion of our project’s first phase and highlighted the progress made in various work packages. The meeting encompassed discussions on agri-food value chains, innovative food development, pilot case studies, crop performance evaluation, simulation tools, and stakeholder engagement.

Our partners presented detailed insights into each work package, including the analysis of agri-food value chains and the development of novel food products. Pilot case studies and crop performance evaluation provided practical applications, while the BioValue agent-based simulation tool showcased our technological advancements.

We are also committed to effective communication and engagement by reaching out to stakeholders through dissemination activities. By fostering collaboration with policymakers, industry professionals, and consumers, we aim to promote sustainable practices and innovative solutions in the agri-food sector.

The meeting fostered engaging discussions on biodiversity, food habits, consumer preferences, and challenges faced by farmers. Valuable feedback from the project officer and reviewers will shape BioValue’s future direction.

Inspired by the achievements of the first phase, we are poised for an even more successful and impactful second phase. We are grateful for the support of the European Commission and eager to continue journey towards enhancing agro-biodiversity across the value chain. We are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on the agri-food sector.

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