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2 years of BioValue

We are excited to mark our 2-year anniversary with a significant milestone – our 24-month consortium meeting in Gießen, Germany. Over these two days, our dedicated team dove deep into our research, discussing our objective of enhancing crop diversity and its positive impact on the agrifood system and the climate.

Our gathering was a perfect opportunity for each work package leader to present the latest updates in their research activities. We engaged in lively discussions, addressing the challenges we’ve encountered, and defining joint collaborative activities aimed at bringing us closer to our ultimate research goal: the development of the BioValue tool, that allows us to model the agrifood value chain. This tool has a specific focus on enhancing agrobiodiversity, which is a crucial element in building a more sustainable and resilient agrifood system.

The consortium meeting was an opportunity to collectively enhance the BioValue tool, integrating insights and perspectives from the various work packages. Furthermore, we also assessed the biodiversity of our final food products and delved into the exploration of labelling schemes for both processed and non-processed food products, aiming to make agrobiodiversity not only a reality but also something that consumers can understand and support.

We remain committed to our mission of promoting sustainable practices in the agrifood system and look forward to sharing our advancements with you.

A Grateful Note to Our Hosts

We want to thank the Justus Liebig University Giessen for graciously hosting us in Gießen. Their hospitality and support have been amazing in this 2-days meeting.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue our work to build a more sustainable and biodiverse agrifood system.

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